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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Floors in Missouri

Luxury vinyl flooring is durable, affordable, and yet, still looks exactly like high-end hardwood, stone, or tile, making it one of the most sought-after floors in the industry.


Advance Carpet One Floor & Home in Des Peres, Ballwin, and O’Fallon is home to Missouri’s best luxury vinyl flooring collection. You’ll love our selection of wood and stone look luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile, commercial-grade vinyl flooring, and personalized and friendly services.


Let’s learn more about the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.



Best Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

In addition to standard sheet vinyl flooring, there are two primary vinyl flooring options: luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank.


  • Sheet vinyl flooring has been around for many years, but today’s versions are much sturdier and look a lot more like natural wood or stone. Property managers love sheet vinyl, as it can cover huge areas with few visible seams.


  • Luxury vinyl tile looks like natural tile or stone and comes in a range of designs, textures, shapes, and sizes. With its cushioned layers, it’s softer, warmer, quieter, and less likely to chip or crack than real tile. Luxury vinyl tiles are water-resistant & easy to maintain. Installing traditional tiles can be a time-consuming and messy process. Grouting or grading isn’t necessary when you opt for vinyl tile. Designed to appeal to “do it yourself” types, these manufactured tiles click into place. Certain products are even self-adhesive.


  • Luxury vinyl planks are popular for their authentic hardwood look. Unlike solid hardwood, luxury vinyl planks fare fine with moisture, are affordable, and easy to install. Luxury vinyl plank has a unique layered construction. The top layer resists scratches and scuffs and protects the design layer. Underneath are support layers for extra strength and stability. It tackles scratches, scuffs, spills, and stains, making it more durable than natural hardwood.



Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


All vinyl flooring is water-resistant and withstands high-moisture spaces, but some products take it beyond.


We offer a wide selection of fully waterproof vinyl flooring products for added peace of mind. It’s perfect for pet owners, active families with young children, and commercial settings.


Even when exposed to moisture, waterproof vinyl flooring won’t expand or contract. It has a water-repellent surface and can install with moisture-tight seams that prevent leaks.



What’s the Difference Between Waterproof Vinyl and Moisture-Resistant Vinyl?

“Waterproof” and “moisture-resistant” aren’t alike in terms of flooring.


Moisture-resistant products can manage minor spills but won’t offer the protection you need against significant splashes. Waterproof vinyl flooring has hidden features to tackle the most challenging cases.


Even major accidents aren’t a problem since this flooring blocks liquids upon the surface. This allows you to remove spills of all sizes successfully: usually, all you need is a clean towel and a dab of water.



Planning Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring goes virtually anywhere in the home, as well as a wide range of commercial businesses.


Enjoy it everywhere, including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Downtown Shops
  • Mudrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Basements
  • Apartments
  • Living Rooms


We carry both interlocking vinyl flooring and glue-down options. Each premium vinyl product features a durable wear layer that protects against surface blemishes such as scratches and scuffs; therefore, making it an appropriate choice for high-traffic spaces.


Should I Have My Luxury Vinyl Floor Professionally Installed?

Most of the time, the answer is a resounding YES! Here’s why.


Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the easier floors to install, but “easy” is relative.  You’ll still need to prepare your subfloor, making sure it’s perfectly clean and leveled. And you’ll still need to measure and cut with precision.


There’s little room for error here- and mistakes are bound to happen if you’ve only watched a few videos on YouTube.


Choose professional flooring installation and you won’t worry about unseen mistakes, or about your warranty not being valid in a couple years. Our expert installers always treat your property as their own, and can complete every project to your satisfaction, guaranteed.



Shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near You in Missouri

At Advance Carpet One Floor * Home, we offer an impressive selection of modern vinyl flooring, incredible warranties, competitive prices, and onsite design experts.


As members of the world’s top independent flooring cooperative, we offer you incredible variety and value, yet remain locally owned and operaed. We have the best vinyl flooring brands on the market, including COREtec.


If you’re interested in learning more about our vinyl products, visit Advance Carpet One Floor & Home in Missouri today or call us today to plan your project estimate.


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