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Vinyl Flooring in Missouri

Vinyl flooring is one of the most sought-after floors in the industry due to its durability and high-end hardwood, tile, and stone looks. At Advance Carpet One Floor & Home, we pride ourselves on offering the best vinyl flooring collections. Visit one of our showrooms to view our flooring samples and learn more about the benefits of modern vinyl flooring. We have locations in Des Peres, Ballwin, and O’Fallon, MO.


Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?


There are countless advantages to vinyl flooring, but it’s especially popular for its ability to mimic real hardwood and tile styles without the drawbacks. Vinyl flooring brings high-end textures and authentic details of hardwood, tile, and stone, and is virtually indistinguishable for most consumers. Our premium vinyl selection is affordable, easy to install, and simple to maintain.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?


There are two primary types of vinyl flooring: vinyl tile and vinyl plank.




Is Vinyl Flooring Truly Waterproof?


All vinyl flooring is water-resistant and withstands high-moisture spaces. We also carry a variety of fully waterproof vinyl products for added peace of mind. It’s perfect for pet owners, active families with young children, and commercial settings. Even when exposed to moisture, waterproof vinyl flooring won’t expand or contract. It has a water-repellent surface and can install with moisture-tight seams that prevent leaks.


What’s the Difference Between Waterproof Vinyl and Moisture-Resistant Vinyl?


“Waterproof” and “moisture-resistant” aren’t alike in terms of flooring. Moisture-resistant products can manage minor spills but won’t offer the protection you need against significant splashes. Waterproof vinyl flooring has hidden features to tackle the most challenging cases. Even major accidents aren’t a problem since this flooring blocks liquids upon the surface. This allows you to remove spills of all sizes successfully: usually, all you need is a clean towel and a dab of water.


Planning Your Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl flooring goes virtually anywhere in the home, as well as a wide range of commercial businesses. Enjoy it everywhere, including:


We carry both interlocking vinyl flooring and glue-down options. Each of our premium vinyl products features a durable wear layer that protects against surface blemishes such as scratches and scuffs; therefore, making it an appropriate choice for high-traffic spaces.


Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


At Advance Carpet One, we offer an impressive selection of modern vinyl flooring. This includes the best vinyl flooring brands on the market, such as Pergo Extreme, Invincible H20, COREtec, Armstrong, and Mannington Adura Max. If you’re interested in learning more about our vinyl products, visit Advance Carpet One Floor & Home in Missouri today or shop our selection online.




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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


With vinyl flooring you won’t need to worry about spills, splashes, accidents, and other messes. Read more to learn how easy it is to care for your vinyl floor.