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Kid-friendly Flooring

Kid-friendly Flooring 


Are you looking for a way to get more time back in your day? If you have kids, it can be a tough task! Thankfully, Advance Carpet One Floor & Home can help you save time by offering you kid-friendly flooring options that will help you spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you want! Our kid-friendly products are easy to clean and maintain, and they won’t become damaged easily, which is perfect for a home with kids of any age. If you want to learn more, stop by and speak with one of our educated sales pros. We can walk you through our showroom to the best kid-friendly options based on your specific needs. 


What’s the Best Kid-friendly Flooring? 

Before you can determine what the best kid-friendly flooring is for your space, first decide where you will be installing the floors, how much you want to spend, what you want your home to look like, and how old your children are. These factors all play a role in finding the best flooring for your home with kids. We carry luxury vinyl, hardwood, and carpet that can all work beautifully. 


Luxury vinyl is ideal for many types of homes. Whether you have young children or older teenagers, luxury vinyl will be able to handle the tough wear and tear of daily life. It is scratch and dent-resistant, and while it is a hard-surface option, it’s not as hard as other flooring materials like tile or hardwood because of its construction. Luxury vinyl comes in wood and stone looks, and is easy to clean, maintain, and install. 


Hardwood is a popular hard-surface choice because it proves itself worthy of being installed in homes for many years. While the scratch-resistance of hardwood often depends on the species of wood and the finish, hardwood is consistently chosen because of its long-lasting nature. You can refinish hardwood after years of it being worn and becoming dull to make it look new again. 


Carpet is a top choice because it is not a hard-surface product. Unlike luxury vinyl and hardwood, carpet is comfortable to lay on, stand on, and learn to walk on. Babies and toddlers need a soft place to land, and carpet offers the perfect material. Our kid-friendly carpets include stain-resistance so that you don’t have to worry about the occasional spill or accident! 

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