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Hardwood Flooring in Missouri


Hardwood flooring is an investment with benefits. It adds resale value to your property along with style and functionality, while offering exceptional scratch and stain-resistance. Hardwood floors are also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and aesthetically versatile.


The experts at Advance Carpet One Floor & Home can guide you through our hardwood flooring options. You can shop confidently with us knowing we have a top selection of the best hardwood flooring brands on the market at exceptional prices.


What’s Your Favorite Hardwood Flooring Style?


Hardwood flooring is styled in various ways. You can choose between:


We carry the latest trends in hardwood flooring as well as traditional looks, so we’ll always have what you are looking for.


Which Types of Wood Are Used In Hardwood Floors?


As you begin shopping for the right hardwood flooring, the first thing to decide is what kind of species you prefer. There is a wide array of hardwood species available on the market, including options from domestic hardwood forests, as well as exotics from all over the globe.


Popular hardwood species include:


If you’re interested in an eco-friendly purchase, our experts can show you which products are certified for their sustainability. Each tree species has distinct characteristics, like grain pattern, color, and hardness. The age that the tree was harvested at also helps determine these features.


Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring Made From Actual Wood?


One of the most significant choices you’ll make is between solid and engineered hardwood.

While both look the same from the surface level, they each offer different performance features.



Planning Your Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood flooring is tricky to install, but our professional installers know how to handle those details. Professional installers will prepare the subfloor to ensure your home is ready for installation by making sure it is dry, flat, and free of imperfections. We also do an in-home measure and moisture test before installation begins. Moisture testing is crucial because any lingering moisture could cause long-term damages.  Installers also leave a gap between your floors and the baseboards to allow room for the wood to naturally adjust to your home, and the changing humidity due to the different seasons.


Most engineered hardwood floors come in a floating floor option. These planks require no adhesive or nails during installation and simply click together. Solid hardwood flooring needs to be nailed or glued down to the subfloor, as to ensure the planks will not shift with use.


Discover Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


We’re your local hardwood flooring store with a vast inventory of natural wood flooring products that are both stylish and durable. Our experts will consider your ideas and point out the best-suited hardwood products for your needs. If you’d like to learn more about hardwood, flooring, visit one of our showrooms to speak with one of our flooring professionals and browse our flooring samples. Or, browse our hardwood selection online.



Learn More About Hardwood






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How to Clean Hardwood Floors


Taking care of your hardwood floor is easy. Like all flooring, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions to ensure your surface will endure through the years.