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Custom Showers

Custom Showers 


If you’re looking to create the bathroom of your dreams, consider a custom shower. At Advance Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry an impressive selection of tile to create a custom shower that is perfect for your home. From shower wall tile to flooring and mosaics, you’ll fall in love with tile that will help you personalize your space. Not quite sure if a custom shower is what you want? We can help you decide whether or not a custom shower is what you’re looking for!


Benefits of a Custom Shower 


When it comes down to it, a custom shower can be a major investment. However, the benefits of choosing a custom shower in your bathroom far outweigh the cost. For example, a custom shower adds real estate value to your home. While you are putting money into your home for the upgrade, your decision will pay off in the end – plus, you’ll get to experience your custom shower every day!



Another benefit of a custom shower is its beauty. When you step into your new bathroom, you’ll appreciate the space for everything it is. Every time you see your custom shower, you will feel right at home. Plus, a custom shower can help you achieve your design goals in your bathroom. You can update linens and towels to match your new tiled shower, personalizing the space even more. If you’re not sure what tile is best for your style, we can help you choose tiles that are on-trend with our bathroom remodeling services.



A custom tile shower is also easy to maintain. In a space with so much moisture, it’s important that you choose materials that can resist water. Tile is waterproof or water-resistant, so you can trust that it will be able to handle daily wear and tear like showers and humidity from the shower. In addition, once a tile shower is installed, there isn’t much needed! Simply scrub grout lines and wipe down the tiles occasionally to keep it looking its best. 


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