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Backsplash Tile

Tile Backsplashes 


At Advance Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand the importance of having updated kitchen and bathrooms in your home. Not only are these frequented areas by guests, but they’re also areas where you likely spend a lot of time. Having an updated space that reflects your personality while also offering you functional benefits will be sure to help you accomplish your unique design goals. Plus, adding or replacing a tile backsplash is one of the easiest projects to complete! 


Create a Custom Backsplash 


Whether you’ve been inspired by a custom tile backsplash you saw online, or you haven’t even thought about your color scheme, it’s essential that you know the options are endless with tile. Our experts are here to help you create a backsplash that truly makes you feel at home, from modern to contemporary, and even farmhouse styles. You can combine tile styles to add depth to your design, or you can add a bold border with a mosaic to enhance the look and feel of the space. No matter what you choose, your tile backsplash will be personalized to your taste.


Durable Protection 


Not only will a tile backsplash show off your style, but it will also offer you benefits like durability and strength in the spaces you need it most. Kitchens and bathrooms see lots of moisture and spills, and because tile is waterproof or water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the moisture damaging your walls. When a tile backsplash is installed, you’ll protect your walls from spills, food splatters, and any other mishaps that could occur. 


Easy Maintenance 


As one of the easiest materials to clean, tile proves itself a top option for your backsplash. Unlike other materials that may peel or crack over time, tile is a long-lasting product that will last. Even when tough scrubbing from tough stains is necessary, you’ll be able to clean it quickly and easily. 


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