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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a resilient floor created with multiple layers to provide the top performance against wear and water. Luxury vinyl has become one of the most sought out floors in the industry due to its durability and high end hardwood and tile looks.

Types of Luxury Vinyl

There are two main vinyl flooring options, which includes luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) provides real tile shapes and sizes. However, unlike real tile, it is softer, warmer, and less likely to chip or crack. In addition, LVT provides the same look and feel of ceramic and stone tile.

Luxury vinyl plank is extremely popular due to its authentic hardwood look. Unlike real hardwood, LVP is more durable, comfortable, and can be installed in high traffic rooms such as kitchens, entryways, and basements.

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Vinyl tile flooring is a durable alternative to ceramic and porcelain tile.

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Vinyl plank flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood and laminate.

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Sheet vinyl flooring limits the seams on the surface of the floor.

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luxury vinyl planks in weathered hardwood look

Water Resistance

Luxury vinyl flooring is also resistant to water and is able to withstand high moisture areas. Even when exposed to moisture, luxury vinyl flooring will not expand or contract. 

invincible lvp luxury vinyl plank in bedroom

Wear Resistance

Luxury vinyl flooring has many features, but one of the most prominent is its wear layer. This wear layer is treated with urethane and protects against surface blemishes such as scratches and scuffs; therefore, making luxury vinyl an appropriate choice for high traffic rooms. 

grey luxury vinyl planks in office

Natural Looks

There are many advantages to luxury vinyl flooring, but what makes this flooring option popular is its ability to mimic real hardwood and tile styles without the drawbacks. Luxury vinyl offers the high end textures and authentic details of hardwood and stone, and is indistinguishable to the real flooring options. 

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