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For appearance, performance, and a long lifespan, it is best to trust the experts at our flooring and remodeling showroom for professional carpet installation. With an install by our skilled and experienced technicians, your new flooring will be measured, cut, and laid properly, so that there are no rough corners or area bumps. If you want to ensure that your property value is increasing by adding new carpet, rely on our highly trained workers to boost any space in your home with warmth, color, and a welcoming look. Affordable carpet installation is simple and accessible when you count on our team.

The Advantage of Professional Carpet Flooring Installation 
Not only is carpet flooring installation a time-consuming and complex project, no matter how prepared you think you are to install your own carpet it can be exasperating. First of all, you need to own specialized tools, or be able to rent the proper tools at your local rental store. Preparation is the key to a successful carpet installation project, so it is imperative to take the right amount of time, which includes getting rid of the old carpet you are replacing, which can be a dusty, messy and tedious job.

Installing carpets is not the average easy project for your days off or over the weekend. For many homeowners in the area, it most often takes more time and is more trouble than it is worth. The worst result is a carpet with problems such as wrinkling and buckling. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are your best bet for a well-done, long-lasting, and guaranteed job!

Our Competitive Cost to Have Carpet Installed 
Carpet flooring is a popular option due to its traditional appeal. Homeowners and property managers alike enjoy carpet for its instant appeal, welcoming textures, and acoustic dampening capabilities. The soft feel underfoot, as well as variety of colors, help establish a warming atmosphere that accepts family and friends to your space.

The cost to have carpet installed has also lowered, thanks to contemporary manufacturing methods and improved purchasing power from our full-service showroom. Lowered costs have also led to even larger variety than before. Our vast selection of carpeting includes designs and patterns from well-known brands and manufacturers. In fact, many of the products we offer include advanced stain-fighting carpet technology that makes it easier to clean and maintain your carpets. Vibrant colors and dependable longevity are what modern property owners have come to expect with this flooring option.

However, pleasing aesthetics and dependable durability mean nothing if you settle for an improper install. Uneven placement, poor trimming, and even inaccurate cutting can all contribute to an unsightly mess that can easily ruin the visual harmony of any room. In addition, loosely placed carpet can pose a safety hazard and may end up causing premature wear on the material.

Don’t led a shoddy job rob you of an otherwise beautiful flooring option. Count on our team to conduct a meticulous installation for your home or office. Our specially trained and thoroughly experienced installation team has the equipment and skill to bring out the full potential of your investment. When you work with us for affordable carpet installation, you are well on your way to securing a beautiful and long-lasting property. We work with you to complete your project according to your specific schedule and budget.

advance-carpet-one-floor-home-carpet-installationYour Dependable Commercial Carpet Installers
When it comes to your business, you do your best to provide a bright and welcoming space for your employees and guests. Revitalize the look and feel of your office or place of business with the help of our commercial carpet installers. Our sales team works with you so you attain a new carpet that matches your business, and our installers take care of the rest. The result is a refreshing new space that will attract more customers and increase employee morale.

The Sensible Cost to Have Carpet Installed
The cost to have carpet installed seems unfair in many cases. Dishonest contractors take advantage of consumers by adding superfluous costs to their installation projects. As a consequence, property owners may end up with an incomplete installation that has wasted their time and money.

When you work with our flooring showroom, you can have confidence in our carpet installers. When you are choosing your new carpet, we are available to conduct accurate, in-home estimates so you pay for the carpet you need, thereby minimizing the likelihood of overspending. On installation day, our team arrives to your location fully prepared with the proper materials and equipment so you are able to enjoy your new investment. Our estimates are upfront, so by the time you order your new carpet you know how much you can expect to pay and when you will get it. We strive to provide timely and affordable carpet installation services.

Affordable Carpet Installation with Healthier Living™ System
In addition to the beauty and comfort our carpet store can offer you, we focus on helping our customers have the healthiest possible home environments. To make sure this is possible, we have introduced a proprietary system—The Healthier Living System– available exclusively at Carpet One Floor & Home®.

This eco-friendly carpet installation method includes the healthiest possible installation procedures, which have proven to reduce such pollution as dust and smells that can act as allergens and contribute to mold and mildew. As a result, you and your family are able to live better, breather easier, and be healthier.

You have no worries and can enjoy complete confidence when our carpet flooring installation professionals place your new carpet. Your home is your largest investment, so don’t hesitate to choose the best to add value to your property and hire our professionals for carpet installation in the surrounding community.

Superior Brands with Numerous Selections
Variety and value combine when you visit our carpet flooring showroom. Thanks to our extensive buying network, our sales representatives are able to show you the latest trends and releases in the flooring industry. From traditional weaves and patterns to contemporary designs, our showroom displays many different samples to accommodate your specific design goals. Our professional carpet installers work with many of the best brands in the industry, including:

  • Mohawk™
  • Shaw™
  • Tigressa™

The Accurate Carpet Install Estimate
A new and exciting interior begins with a comprehensive carpet install estimate. Whether you are re-flooring one room or your entire property, our team is here to fulfill your specific needs. We cover every corner of your property to make accurate measurements, while paying attention to the unique features of your floor plan. Our precise approach to carpet installation means you are able to pay for exactly what you need. This allows you to save more money, while also reducing the amount of wasted product. We make interior renovating both a refreshing and responsible experience.

Contact us today to request an estimate for accurate and timely carpet flooring installation. Our team proudly serves property owners throughout St. Louis, Ballwin and St. Peters, Missouri, as well as the surrounding areas.

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